Ideas For Writing A Thesis Paper On The Great Gatsby

Writing a PhD or master’s thesis papers requires a lot of tasks and shouldn’t be taken in a light way. Each task comes with its unique requirements. When asked to write a thesis paper on the Great Gatsby, your first steps should be to set a deadline. You will not want to put the deadline as the date that the paper is due as you will require enough time to have it proofread and also make any additional changes. It is also important to ensure that you have a journal of your ideas to assist you with the writing.

  • Plan for the work
  • When you start writing the paper, you should remember that this is an academic work that will be mostly be read only by your professor and the academic advisors. Therefore, you should ensure that the paper retains a formal writing style. A good idea would be to look at a scholarly text to understand the structuring of the dissertation.

    When asked to write on the Great Gatsby, you will need to structure the paper in the right manner. Choose an option that matches with the work but only after consulting your professor. You should also take time to read other similar work by previous students. You can find these resources in your university library.

  • Parts
  • One of the major ways that you can structure a thesis is by writing it like a book with various chapters. Some of the major parts to include in the work include title page, abstract and content. These parts should be followed by chapters. You should also include a bibliography and appendices in your work.

  • When to start writing
  • This will depend on various factors such as scope of the work and the course duration. No matter the kind of research projects, it is always advisable to start by writing a thesis or part of it early enough. You can complete the thesis and send it to the supervisor. The instructor will correct the draft and help you to revise any writing errors.

  • Organizing the bibliographies
  • It is important to develop a good way in which to reorganize the bibliographies. This will ensure that you do not get lost in some huge data piles that are necessary in writing the thesis. In order to keep track of all articles you have read, it is advisable to come up with a database that helps you to summarize every chapter or article into some key bullet points to enable you remember the content.