How To Get A Dissertation Plagiarism Checker For Free?

At the end of writing a dissertation, a student has to ensure their paper is written flawlessly. All I’s must be dotted and all T’s must be crossed, but periods and comma must be used in the proper place. Not only are the English grammatical rules highly important, but so is the information that is being presented. Students often have to defend their thesis among a board of professionals at their institution to prove that they deserve to also have a PhD. The largest concern of anyone presenting this thesis before a board is ensuring that they do not plagiarize anyone else’s work. Not only will this result in a failing grade but often in dismissal from the educational institution and embarrassment across the academic world. In order to avoid this embarrassment from years of hard work, a student should look into the following free advice to check for plagiarism:

  • Search Engines
  • College Librarians
  • Conducting Proper Research

Search Engines

Many students will write their dissertations over a period of time, often taking breaks to utilize social media websites. While doing this, students can enter some of the information that is highly scholarly and place it into a search engine to see if anyone else has written the same exact information. If a student finds that they have, they need to write a proper works cited reference for this article in order to give the original author the proper credit. Many professors also give students free access to many companies that specialize in knowing if any of the text written was plagiarized. These companies have been vetted and often used throughout high school classes all the way up to doctorate degrees.

College Librarians

Every college and university hires librarians and often one or two are hired solely to help students conduct research. Librarians have often received degrees in the overall conduct of research. This is the best free resource for a student to make sure they have not plagiarized. Students should feel confident asking these individuals for help rather than trying to do all the work themselves as dissertations are tedious.

Conducting Proper Research

If a student conducts proper research then they should have no qualms in ensuring that they have not plagiarized anyone else’s work. If a student is unsure if the information they are providing is plagiarized, they should cite the source it came from just to be sure. If a student writes their paper in sections and creates the works cited page as they go along, they will not have to worry about utilizing another’s academic work.