A Great Tutorial For The People Struggling With Dissertation Writing

A dissertation writing assignment can place a great amount of pressure on even highly skilled students. You need to know important parts of a dissertation and how to present your information effectively. But, when you start writing your paper and begin to deal areas of concern, what should you do? There are a few things you can do to help get yourself out of the struggle so you can get your paper done. Here are a few questions to ask yourself throughout the writing process.

  • Are you following guidelines?
  • You may have gotten lost somewhere in your work when you got started. It is like dealing with writers block. Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and start over. Not to say you need to rewrite your paper, it is simply going back to where your started to regain your thoughts to ensure your intentions are being played out.

  • Did you collect enough data for your research?
  • Are you having problems writing your paper because you didn’t collect enough information? Or, are you overwhelmed in trying to fit in the information you collected? Reassess your findings to make sure you are on track with what you want to present. Determine what information you want to keep and what should be eliminated.

  • Are you able to fully prove your thesis (hypothesis)?
  • Do you think your thesis is solid enough for you to prove or do you need to make some changes to it? Think about what you have so far to make sure it is a valid statement.

  • Do you know how to format your paper properly?
  • Some students have issues formatting their papers. This alone can be a headache, especially when it comes to citations and references. Who can you turn to for help? (Instructor, colleague, tutor, professional dissertation writer, etc.)

  • Are you able to get your ideas to come together (do you have good organization and structure)?
  • Make sure your information is being put together with logic reasoning. Think about the purpose for the assignment as you write your paper. They should become parallel or have some type of connection.

  • Can someone review what you have written so far?
  • Maybe you can benefit from another opinion. Ask your colleagues or instructor to review what you have so far and have them make suggestions on what to improve.