The 15 Best Marketing Communications Dissertation Topics

Marketing communication is a sub division of marketing as a subject. This category specifically focuses on understanding consumer behavior and implementing well thought out strategies to improve their experience and add value to your products and services. Students take up marketing communications as a major due to a number of reasons.

  1. They might actually be interested in the subject and its application
  2. They think they can have a better job after studying this subject
  3. They want to start their own business and want to learn how to stay ahead of your customers
  4. Their parents want them to do so
  5. Out of peer pressure
  6. They do not have a clear mind and go for any program

There might be many other reasons for why students prefer to study marketing communication. It is a newer subject as compared to the other available options. You get to learn how to tackle your consumers and increase your brand loyalty by winning over your customers.

If you are worried about how to choose a strong topic for your paper then you need to look at the following topics. These topics will help you compose your own for the dissertation

Top fifteen topics for marketing communication dissertation

  1. What is the importance of understanding physiological processes in marketing
  2. Is it important to divide your strategy demographically to have better results
  3. How can you influence buying behavior and consumer preferences
  4. What is the importance of giving information about the product to your customers
  5. Do customers prefer aesthetically strong products or they want better functional products
  6. How does customer support help you increase consumer loyalty
  7. Why some brands have a larger market share than others
  8. What are the best brand building policies one can adopt for his business
  9. Is internet marketing important part of your marketing campaign
  10. Is it essential for businesses to stay active on social medias
  11. What are brand giveaways and engagement tools in the digital industry
  12. What is the best way to receive honest feedback from your customers
  13. How can businesses increase their revenue by focusing more on brand awareness and development
  14. What are the most common complaints that every marketer should be able to tackle and understand
  15. How to win over a better audience by revising your products