The 12 Best Video Games Dissertation Ideas For University Students

It is hard to believe that a dissertation subject could be video games. But this multi-billion dollar industry employs a lot of people and entertains even more. Then are colleges that now have interactive labs for students in this field of study. You will need an innovative paper topic if you apply for your Masters or even PhD in this field. If you have not yet chosen your idea, use one of our 12 best video games dissertation ideas.

Topic Suggestions

  1. Mario Brothers-explore how these brothers of pizza set the course of animation and gaming. They are still around, so you can also trace their development as well as branding, if you wish.

  2. Pacman-who would have thought that a little yellow dot that gobbles up other dots would be such a hit. Explore how the development of this fun adventure set the course for the future of the field.

  3. The Game of War-any war game automatically creates controversy. The blowing up of people, buildings, and cars could be explored with this topic of high interest.

  4. Sports Gaming-football, soccer, baseball, and racing are just a few of the multi-fun that millions tune into daily. Explore how this style of fun fills a need of accomplishment for couch coaches and athletes all over the world.

  5. What’s too Violent-the first violent video fun rolled out in 1976. It was called Death Race and people in the game were violently killed by automobiles. Explore how and why this type of thing would be attractive to consumers and not repulsive. Trace other violent ones that have been released, as well.

  6. The magic behind the display suit-the suit allows the interactions to look real, or does it allow the real to become interactive. Explore these questions that this nifty innovation in the industry has formed.

  7. The history-pick any component of the industry and investigate it thoroughly. Pick a field because to try to explore the whole entertainment would be too expansive.

  8. 3-D animators-go over what the job entails, how it works, what is has accomplished, and where it is headed.

  9. Gender Roles and video games-stereotypes abound in the field. These roles emphasize traits that are often negative and yet, no outcry has seemed to slow down the depictions. Explore gender roles.

  10. Death Race-the first violent one released could be a good source of topic.

  11. Quiz games-people who don’t enjoy gaming or violence, but instead the brainy sort of challenge have found a niche in animation. Look at some of the favorites for your dissertation topic.

  12. The Future-predictions are always fun. Make a few about where the field is headed in the future.