List Of Unique Dissertation Topics Related To Entrepreneurship

The general topic of entrepreneurship may form the basis of an academic essay for a wide range of different subjects. For example, if you’re studying a course that is related to business then there is a good chance that you may have to create an essay based on this topic. Alternatively, economics and other social sciences may look at entrepreneurship in some form and, therefore, require you to complete an assignment related to this subject.

Deciding what to write about when producing an essay on entrepreneurship

If you need to write an essay related to entrepreneurship then you may be wondering what specific topics are available for you to write about. If you have been studying the topic as part of your course then you may already have some ideas mind; however, if this is not the case then it is advisable to use various brainstorming techniques to try and come up with any ideas relating to what you have already learned about.

Alternatively, it can be good idea to read any business magazines and publications, so as to get an idea and feel for what kind of topics other people are writing about, particularly on a professional level. Equally, you may wish to consider looking at past papers that students have written, to see if you can use these for any further inspiration.

You may be able to look for past papers on a wide variety of websites on the Internet, including those that specialise in providing academic papers for students, either for free or for a small fee. Alternatively, you may wish to look on the websites of universities or essay writing guides for further ideas and samples of past papers.

In order to get you started, there is a list of possible ideas below.

  • A case study of a major transnational company
  • How the internet has helped entrepreneurs to succeed
  • How does crowd sourcing work?
  • An analysis of a major social media website and how it grew its revenues so quickly
  • What can governments do to promote entrepreneurial ideas?
  • How can inventors find entrepreneurs in order to combine talents and fund new projects?
  • How important is a highly educated population to potential entrepreneurs?
  • Should entrepreneurs be given tax breaks to help encourage risk-taking, so as to develop and grow the economy?
  • Is entrepreneurship learned or something that individuals are born with?
  • Based on current laws, societal views, and government fiscal policy, how much is entrepreneurship encouraged?