Working Methods To Compose A Prospectus For A Dissertation About Humanities

A prospectus is a document that indicates research goals of a dissertation. The author should present their prospectus to their committee before they conduct their study so that the committee approves their project. In your prospectus, you should describe specific aims that you’re going to achieve and methods that you’re going to use to do this.

Tips for Composing a Dissertation Prospectus

  1. Outline three main sections.
  2. Your prospectus should consist of a section that lists and explains your research goals, a section that provides a literature review, and a section that describes your methodology. The first section should be from 200 to 300 words in length. The second section should have a short introductory paragraph followed by your list of sources. The final section should be of the approximately same length as the first one.

  3. Present your goals.
  4. Start your prospectus with an exact issue that you’re going to address in your paper. Mention its relation to a larger field so that the reader understands the background of the problem. Indicate why your topic deserves to be researched and what contribution your study will bring to your field. Explain why you’re an excellent candidate for carrying out this study describing your experience and knowledge in the area.

  5. Present your literature review.
  6. Demonstrate how the goals of your research relate to other significant works conducted in the field. Indicate that you know the relevant literature well. Then, you should just list books, articles, and other sources that you’re going to consult during your study.

  7. Present your methodology.
  8. Start the final section by describing methods that you’re going to apply. Indicate specific tests or experiments that you want to conduct. Write about the timeframe that you plan to complete your work within.

  9. Format your prospectus.
  10. Apply a particular formatting style to your document that should be indicated in the guidelines to your academic assignment.

Sources That Can Help You with Your Prospectus

If you aren’t sure whether you can compose your prospectus alone, you should regularly visit your professor. They’ll provide you with any help that you might need. You may also go to your university library and take copies of several prospectuses written by other students. By looking at good examples, you’ll be able to structure your own paper better. There should also be academic centers in your local area where you should be able to consult professionals on how to write your prospectus. Their assistance will cost money, however.