Useful Instructions For Writing Dissertation Proposal In Accounting And Finance

You may have decided on your dissertation topic right from the beginning, and that is a good idea. Procrastinating helps nobody and you have a lot of work ahead of you. That being said, you still have to prepare a dissertation proposal. Both your advisor and the dissertation committee need to inspect your proposal and give its approval. Keep the following in mind as you go about this necessary task.

  • Do Not Use a General Topic. It is your task to try to further the knowledge in the field. There are parts of accounting and finance that have not been fully explored in academia, and this is where you can make your mark. Try to narrow down what you will be writing about so that it is unique and you can put an honest claim to it.
  • Do The Research for the Proposal. You are going to have to defend your topic, but that will require doing some research into what has already been written about it. You also should have a research methodology ready. This is all part of everything you will be doing.

  • Check The Guidelines Carefully. No matter what you choose to write on, the proposal must follow the guidelines set down by the department. It is not a topic for debate at all. If the dissertation committee discovers you were not following the guidelines to the letter, you can expect your proposal to be rejected. Any formatting requirements have to be followed carefully.

  • Do Not Hesitate To Seek Outside Help. Developing the proposal can be difficult for somebody who is not familiar with academic writing. This person can stumble and that takes up time. You should consider possibly using other options to help you move forward. One benefit that you can drive is that as professionals help you prepare your proposal, you gain some insights you may want to use in your research. You also are able to develop the defense of your topic, which will be very important before the dissertation committee.

There is one final piece of instruction which is going to help you with the proposal. Stay optimistic. Neither your advisor nor the dissertation committee wants to see you fail. In fact, they want you to be able to produce the kind of dissertation which helps you establish an academic career. They do not want to have you faced with a situation where there is insufficient research from which you can draw, or that your idea is not well thought out. Always remember these people are on your side, and do your best to present a great proposal. This particular website can help you and has other services as well that may be valuable for you.