Free Instructions On How To Prepare For A Dissertation Defense

After several months of planning, researching, and writing several drafts of your dissertation, there’s one more hurdle to jump before receiving your masters or doctorate: the dissertation defense. For many, this is can be very intimidating. Even though students will have worked with closely with their advisors for several months, there exists committees of three or four academic professionals who collectively have the final say whether these culminating works meet the final requirements of graduate study. There’s no right or wrong way to approach a defense, but we have come up with a few instructions on how you can prepare:

  • Spend time away from your dissertation
  • You will have plenty of time between your submittal and your defense meeting to enjoy several days off to unwind. Use them wisely, most notably away from your project. There are no more corrections to be made or edits to improve language. Spend time away from your work so that you can prepare beforehand with a fresh set of eyes.

  • Read it with fresh eyes and study its content
  • Now it’s time to look at your work with a critical eye and take notes. Though the content will be known by you try to look at it with a critical view, just like you would a work that you didn’t author. This will help you find areas with questionable content. Though you can no longer change the material you could prepare your responses intelligently.

  • Prepare for questions that may be asked
  • Take a look at your critical notes and formulate a number of questions that may be asked around those points. It might help to go online and download some generic questions shared by recent graduates in an academic forum or chatroom. Go over your responses to each so as not to be taken aback when they are asked in person.

  • Get some help from outside resources
  • While working on your project you probably consulted a number of outside resources that likely worked out in your favor. Get some professional assistance from a reputable academic writing service to get tips on your defense or for any other kind of help you need in completing your dissertation.

  • Be prepared both physically and mentally
  • Lastly, be sure you prepare your body and mind for the actual meeting with the graduate committee. You’ve probably heard it several times before, but we’ll say it again: get plenty of rest and eat a full and balanced meal before your defense. Your will be more energetic and alert when it comes to facing the committee members and will likely have no trouble answering the toughest questions.