A List Of 22 Interesting Dissertation Topics On Employee Engagement

Getting employees engaged is key to running a profitable business. With more Millennials losing interest in the rat race, employee engagement has become a byword of major corporations. Due to this, many students have started to write dissertations on the topic. For the best dissertation, students can use the following ideas.

22 Interesting Dissertation Topics on Employee Engagement

  1. Just 13 percent of employees feel engaged at work. Why is this the case?
  2. What techniques can a manager use to increase employee engagement?
  3. While 30 percent of United States workers feel engaged at work, only 23 percent of New Zealand residents feel engaged. Why does this difference exist between countries?
  4. What impact does a raise have on increasing employee engagement? Is there a strong connection between earning more and being more engaged?
  5. What role does passion play in causing employee engagement?
  6. There is a rising trend among workers to switch jobs frequently instead of staying at a company for decades. Are employees who switch between companies less likely to feel engaged?
  7. Does awarding new titles increase employee engagement?
  8. How does increased employee engagement lead to greater innovations?
  9. What are the most common reasons behind someone feeling unhappy at work?
  10. What role does a company's culture play in employee engagement? Do employees who fit in with the company's culture and vision feel more engaged?
  11. How is employee engagement related to employee retention?
  12. What are the different types of employees that companies have? How can each personality type be managed for optimum engagement levels?
  13. How does a low level of employee engagement hurt profitability and customer interactions?
  14. How can the human resources department encourage employee engagement?
  15. Are non-engaged employees more likely to be absent from work? Do they work more or less hours than their engaged counterparts?
  16. How can getting employees engaged in their work increase a company's profitability?
  17. Is employee engagement a factor when it comes to safety and workplace accidents?
  18. How can companies make employee engagement a strategic priority?
  19. How does employee engagement reduce thefts and turnover rates?
  20. Are customers more likely to rate their experience with a company as positive when employees are engaged or not engaged?
  21. Employee engagement is a vital factor in hospitals and medical care centers. What impact does employee engagement have on patient safety incidents? How can employee engagement improve a patient's outcomes from surgery and other procedures?
  22. Does poor employee engagement increase the chances of a quality defect in the product?