Dissertation Procrastination Tips: How To Complete Your Project In Time

When it comes to writing up a project there is nothing more important than cleaning the bathroom. We have all been there. The due date is next week and you really should get started but there’s the room to clean or even that show on TV that you can’t possibly miss. Eventually you end up doing the paper as a last minute rush job, but you were so busy. Working at college is so stressful.

Procrastination strikes even harder when it is a major work like a dissertation. The deadlines are such a distant event that it is easy to ignore them and carry on as if nothing was on the horizon. The lack of structure to your days from regular classes can leave you feeling lost. All the motivation and organization is the student’s responsibility.

Once in a while there is a reason for delaying the start of your project – it is called “strategic delay”. Sometimes it pays to allow an idea to come to full bloom before starting to write, this is what has happened when you wait until the last minute and you still get that fantastic grade. But mostly you are just putting off work for no real reason and that last minute rush brings a poor mark.

With your dissertation, you cannot afford to make the mistake of waiting.

How to manage your time

  • You can be given as much as two years to complete a task of this magnitude. This interval is an indicator of the amount of work required. This can feel overwhelming. Make your plan right at the beginning. If you feel unable to work out a proper schedule try “backwards planning”. Imagine you have finished all work and “remember” how long it took you to do each section. Use that “memory” as how long plus a bit that you set aside for the work.

  • Try breaking the work into manageable chunks. Set your own deadlines to carry out each part.

  • Switch off distractions such as television or your laptop, in the session you have set aside to work.

  • Use Social Media. No, this is not a joke. Some people find they work better with other people peering over their shoulder. Mobilize your support network into keeping you on track for meeting your deadlines.

  • Give yourself some slack. If you have been working hard, then your brain might need to chill. At that point, you can embrace your procrastinator.