Where Can I Get A Proofread Dissertation Example For Free

Dissertations, proofread ones, are available to you in a multitude of ways and this is an excellent way to provide yourself with a working model to use whenever in doubt about how to proceed in your own book length project.

The great thing about choosing your topic early, is that you can begin preparing for the work at hand by seeking out already completed theses and dissertations on the same topic that you are writing on. For example, let us say that your topic is on literature - - chiefly “Distorted Love in Toni Morrison’s Six Novels” or something similar on the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning author, Ms. Morrison.

You could then ask the librarian to help you locate dissertations at your own school about this author, Toni Morrison, as well as Theses—but I recommend you stay with a book length project written in the past two years. Why should it be written in the past two or perhaps five years? Because documentation methods will not have changed that extremely much. Although the internet has changed the way we cite things forever and irrevocable, documentation methods have been evolving since the big explosion of the internet around 2004.

Order a Dissertation Inter Library Loan

Every school across the United States of America that has a doctoral program will have kept a copy of each student’s successful dissertation that has been submitted and bound by the university. In fact, every school keeps a leather-bound copy of the student’s dissertation or book on their library shelves.

Having one of these in hardback to thumb through will give you all kinds of ideas about what to say in your own book length project. You do not necessarily have to get a dissertation from your own school --- however, if you do order a dissertation from another school, you do not want to imitate the dissertation format-wise. They might be using APA while you are using MLA format, for example.

You can, however, borrow all kinds of research from every student who has attacked the topic of say, “love in Toni Morrison” or whatever your topic is. If you find a dissertation on a close enough topic and are using the same quotes in your dissertation, you can simply copy their citations into your own works cited list and slowly begin fleshing out your own project.