An Effective Tutorial For Dissertation Writers: Learn To Improve Your Skills

The dissertation is an assignment unlike any other. It takes a long amount of time to get this project done, and while you may feel as though you are going at it alone, there are many resources and people available to help you get through it.

You can use teachers, advisors, other students, librarians, and even internet forums to search for help or tricks and tips.

But as you are starting, take some time to get to know your advisor. Their role is to help you with your assignments, so use them. But remember:

  • Advisors and review committees are people too.
  • They can be supportive or they may be the opposite of that. Just bear with it. If you know what your professor wants, you can improve your grade. Studies indicate that getting to know your advisor, as unlikeable as they might be, can improve your quality of work. So take some time to get to know them, schedule review sessions with them as you complete each chapter, and really figure out what will be required of you during this endeavor. Figure out what they really expect from you. Look for little hints dropped during lectures related to your progress and your final piece.

  • Never lie to them.
  • They will know it long before you even open your mouth. So if you are struggling with your paper, ask them for help, but don’t lie to them. And if you need an extension, ask for one, but be honest and respectful. Do not give them the sob story. They will be much more inclined to give you an extension if you can show them the work you have done to date and that you are willing to learn. Remember that you work independently at this point, so if you need to arrange for a delay in submitting a chapter for review, so be it.

  • Start on your work early.
  • Never wait until the last minute. You will not get a positive response from anyone if you put off your work until the last minute and then demand that your teacher provide you with an additional explanation because you don’t understand the assignment. Try and be prepared and review the instructions as soon as you are handed them. Ask questions early on, so that at least if you put your project off for a few days or weeks, you know what is expected of you.