Composing A Brilliant Thesis - A Few Useful Tips

There are many things you can study when you are trying to create a terrific essay or research paper. The choice of topic is really important. The format if a specific one is required is also very important. Being able to locate relevant research material and know-how to take notes is indispensable. Creating an outline or a plan and then populating it with the various points you wish to make is an essential step. But the one additional process you need to go through is composing a thesis statement. If you can create a brilliant thesis, you do yourself an enormous favour.

What is a thesis?

The thesis can be a number of things. It can be a question or it can be a statement. It is never very long although it is rarely very short. Usually it is just one sentence but it can be two sentences. The thesis is the foundation upon which you will build your essay.

Your thesis will appear in the first paragraph of your essay in the paragraph known as the introduction. In many cases it will be the first sentence in the introduction although that is not necessary. If you have created a strong and rich thesis, you give yourself an outstanding chance to write a terrific essay.

You have chosen your topic and you know the number of words which will be required for your essay. You know that you have some excellent and available research material to gather information to write your essay. But what is the thrust of your essay? What are you trying to prove in writing this essay? The answer to those questions is found in your thesis.

There is strong evidence to say that a student who takes their time and works very hard to create a brilliant thesis is the student most likely to create a brilliant essay. Do not rush your thesis statement. Having written it, examine it, treat it as if it were a complete essay in itself and you now have to proofread it and edit it. Remember that you're going to develop your essay from the thesis upwards. If it doesn't have the depth and if it doesn't have specific information, you will write a shallow essay with general information.

Having created the first draft of your thesis, assume that it is correct and therefore sketch the points that you will make as a result of your thesis. Is it easy to create these points? Are they strong points? Do they support or prove or further explain your thesis statement? If yes then you may well have created a brilliant thesis. If not then you should go back and rewrite it until it does prove to be terrific.