Top 20 Unexplored Dissertation Topics On Education

Choosing a topic for your dissertation can be one of the most difficult parts of the whole process. Not only are there so many different topics you can write about in the education field, but there are so many different ways to structure your research to address those topics. When choosing a dissertation topic in education you should try to find a topic that is relevant and that you find interesting.

These top 20 unexplored dissertation topics on education can get you started choosing a topic:

  1. Does enrollment in a pre-K program correlate with high school graduation across populations?
  2. Are highly structured and strict learning environments more effective than more friendly and nurturing environments?
  3. How effective are English as a Second Language programs at leveling the playing field for foreign students?
  4. What are the major disadvantages for high achieving students in high schools with no Advanced Placement courses?
  5. How good an indicator of success in college is the SAT?
  6. What are the disadvantages of making students enter vocational training programs as high school freshman?
  7. Should all high school freshman be required to take vocational training courses, regardless of their plans to attend college?
  8. Are students from very homogenous or very diverse schools more successful?
  9. What are the major arguments against the common core standards, and how valid are they?
  10. What are the major federal and state support structures to enhancing STEM education?
  11. Should STEM education be emphasized in vocational and technical training programs more than in college programs?
  12. Are students from English speaking households more likely to go to college? How does this probability change by state?
  13. Are student athletes more or less likely to be successful in academics than students that are not involved in extracurricular activities?
  14. Should there be more stringent academic standards for college student athletes?
  15. Are teachers more effective in underserved communities when they are from a similar background or different background as their students?
  16. Do single sex schools help female students to advance in STEM fields?
  17. Are school uniforms effective at closing the achievement gap in schools?
  18. Are property taxes the most socially just way to fund education in the United States?
  19. What is the best way to implement continuing education credits for educators?
  20. What factors make the integration of technology such as tablets and laptops into the classroom more effective?