Inventing Dissertation Topics In Finance: 8 Great Suggestions

Finance is a massively important topic, because it touches so much of the modern world. Even so, there are thousands of mediocre dissertations written in the field every year. Don’t be one of the averages! Make your own topic pop and zing off the page with our eight crucial suggestions, and be sure to impress your professor.

  1. First: Be aware of current affairs. Finance does not in exist in the vacuum of a dry old textbook… It is intimately intertwined with what’s happening everywhere around the world. More importantly, though there are axioms and theories in the field, there are few laws that have proven inviolable, and current affairs can challenge old assumptions. Demonstrate that you’re aware of these issues.

  2. Also, be aware of current academic debates. Like any discipline, there is a long history of point and counterpoint to the theories. You can add to these dialogues, but at the very least you must clearly demonstrate your awareness of them to have credibility with your teacher.

  3. To challenge the current limits of the understanding, look to unusual businesses that haven’t been studied before. These can really grow, adapt, and strengthen old theories with new insights.

  4. Likewise, cross-comparisons are fertile ground. For example, there are strong cultural preferences and regulatory predispositions towards choosing equity or debt financing between the Americas and Europe. Why, and how, does this occur? Comparisons can also be made between different eras, such as the periods before and after the major world wars.

  5. Another important comparison dimension lies between the personal, corporate, and public finance areas. Compare and contrast how different objectives and mechanisms operate across these areas.

  6. As you study the issues at hand, be sure to bring in an awareness of the theoretical underpinnings of finance: Economics. This is critical to move your work from being merely observational to being analytical, and worthy of study.

  7. Introduce your awareness of the shifting philosophical and moral aspects of finance. After all, it is all about who gets what, and how much they pay! Those things change across different societies, cultures, and times.

  8. Finally, don’t be afraid to stray from the common topics lying on the path well-tread. The concepts of finance can be applied in surprising areas… Even personal finance was regarded as esoteric once upon a time!