A List Of 14 Unexplored Dissertation Topics In Pharmaceutics

The field of pharmaceuticals is vast and dynamic, making it a very interesting field to do research in. For your dissertation topic, you will need to find an interest that hasn’t been explored in great detail before. To find a completely unexplored topic is a challenging feat, but you can always find a twist on every topic, something to make it unique and original to base your dissertation paper on. Even changing the methodology to a previous research problem makes it unique.

Use the following list of thought-provoking ideas to find an original topic for your paper. These 14 ideas are general topics; it will require a little reading in each area to identify a narrow theme you can focus on for a dissertation paper.

  1. What are the challenges that exist in regulatory filings for generic drug products?
  2. How should the current regulations for herbal products be changed to meet the safety concerns of the general public?
  3. Should post approval clinical trials be necessary for ensuring drug safety?
  4. Reform of the Chinese health care system – repercussions in Western society?
  5. Do tougher controls need to be in place to prevent doctors over-prescribing?
  6. Comprehensive drug coverage – is it feasible?
  7. Drug shortages and inaccessibility to necessary drugs – why some communities are at risk.
  8. Are the leading drug companies in desperate need of change?
  9. What factors have impaired big pharma’s research and development productivity?
  10. To what extent, if any, should drug companies be allowed to patent natural herbal remedies?
  11. Does the cost of bringing a new drug to market balance with the perceived benefits?
  12. Should the restrictions be reinvented for the way drug companies are allowed to market their products?
  13. What role does the COPP play in Pharmaceutical exports?
  14. Have online pharmaceutical companies made it too easy for the average person to obtain a wide variety of otherwise controlled medications?

After you’ve done some reading in the area that interests you, you will discover there are questions popping up. You need to find one of these unanswered questions to start building a credible research question for your paper.

Your mentor or supervisor can give you suggestions if you feel stuck. There’s no need to go around and around in circles trying to narrow down your topic idea. One really cool trick is to find papers in the same topic and see what the writers have suggested needs to be done for future research.