15 Most Interesting Topics For A Graduate Dissertation On Hospitality

Having an interesting topic for your graduate dissertation in hospitality is important. This is the first vital step towards writing an impressive paper that will grab the attention of your readers and help them learn something new about the subject. So, you should select your broad area of interest and then pick a narrow topic that you can reveal in the scope of the assignment. The following sample topic ideas will help you get started.

What Sample Hospitality Graduate Dissertation Topic Ideas to Consider

This list includes 15 most interesting questions worth answering if you cannot come up with your dissertation topic:

  1. What are the main factors that affect the choice of a hotel when tourists plan different types of holidays?
  2. What are the key differences between leisure hotels and bed and breakfast hotels in your area?
  3. Why do people order fast food more often when they are on vacation?
  4. What are the most popular websites used by tourists for booking their vacations? Why are they so useful?
  5. What expectations do people have from budget hotels?
  6. How does a hotel name influence purchasing decisions of customers?
  7. Why do tourists like “all inclusive” tour packages?
  8. How do couples select a hotel for their honeymoon?
  9. What is the biggest hotel chain in your area? What are its competitive advantages?
  10. Why do people choose small private apartments instead of big hotels during beach vacations?
  11. What policies do hotels employ to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint?
  12. What are the distinctive features of eco hotels?
  13. What marketing tools are used to promote a hotel and attract new visitors?
  14. How does hotel management select the customer-oriented personnel?
  15. When does a hotel need renovation? How can management complete it in the shortest time period?

Where to Find Resources for Your Dissertation

You will need to collect plenty of interesting materials to complete your dissertation. It is important to pay attention to the quality and reliability of every chosen piece of information. The best way to identify reliable resources is to ask your professor what key books, articles, and data you need to complete your research.

It also makes sense to visit your school’s library to create a list of references. Remember that a librarian can find useful resources for you, including those that will help you organize your thoughts, format the document, and proofread it effectively. You should take effective notes from the very beginning so that you would not forget about vital details.