Ideas For Effective Writing: The Top 20 Best MBA Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is a formal, organized, and fairly stylized document that sets forth your own hypothesis and conclusions. It is an original work that adds to the knowledge in your field of study. Once you have made the scary decision of actually going ahead and writing one, your next task is to choose your topic. This is another scary task. What with hundreds of ideas floating through your head and your peers and supervisor suggesting a hundred others, it can become quite complicated. Sometimes scholars have a general idea of what they want to work on and research, but even they will have to narrow down the scope to arrive at a specific topic. To make your journey to your dream topic slightly easier, here is a list of the top twenty MBA dissertation topics:

  1. Motivations of the entrepreneurial mindset.
  2. Social Entrepreneurship: How just can you be when the two motivations (Social responsibility and profit making) are in conflict with each other?
  3. Mining and miners: Are miners being exposed to more hazards than they should be? Are mine workers being adequately rehabilitated?
  4. Africa: Is it a developing economy? What are the determinants of Africa’s economic growth?
  5. Macro-Economic policies: A case study on South Africa.
  6. Political Economy of the Middle East.
  7. Equity markets, banks, and their inherent flaws.
  8. Links of performance to technopreneurship.
  9. Strategy and growth: Is correct strategy a guarantee of economic growth in an emerging market?
  10. Corporate America/Latin America and knowledge management.
  11. Workers productivity: Impacts of mentoring versus e learning.
  12. Talent acquisition and HR technology: Help or hell?
  13. Does Human Capital have real Value? Can it be part of investment decisions? When?
  14. Community work and business skills: can the two have a symbiotic relationship? Can community work improve your business skills?
  15. Consumer behavior: Can it be accurately predicted?
  16. Consumer decision-making styles.
  17. The creation of Value. What is value? Where does it come from? Why is it dismissed as a “poorly understood” thing?
  18. Privatization versus Nationalization.
  19. Asset Returns (stocks, bonds etc.): An analysis and discussion of unique ways to predict asset behavior.
  20. Research and Innovation: what guides us? What bridges the two?
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    These and many other hot topics can be your inspiration to compose a unique topic for your MBA dissertation. If you find it hard to find a good topic or get stuck at any point during your dissertation writing process, remind yourself that there is help out there. You can always find a friend, colleague, or even an academic writing service to get the help you need!