Free Writing Ideas: 10 Outstanding Sample Dissertation Topics

Choosing a great topic for your dissertation can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a big problem. Here is a list of ten outstanding sample dissertation topics to pique your interest.


    You can write your dissertation about the extent and impact of bilingualism in a certain place, such as in France.Is bilingualism common in the region? Does this have any effect on the subjects children take at school?

    Sports science

    Here you can write about the advantages and disadvantages of three or more hours of training in a specific sport, such as rugby. Does the extra practice time improve performance orincrease the number of injuries? Is it a combination of the above, instead?


    Your dissertation can detail a study of the environmental impact of a certain construction project, such as the building of a local mall. Did the project have a negative effect on the environment? If so, how can this be mitigated?


    Here you can conduct a study about how climate influences language in a certain cultural group in a specific area, such as the Semang people in Malaysia. Does the language contain a high number of words for certain weather types, and very few for other types? Are everyday words linked to climate in some way?


    You can write your dissertation about financial risk management in a specific industry, such as banking. How is risk management currently handled in the industry? Is there a better way?


    Here you can write about the prevalence of a mental illness in a certain age group, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in children under ten years of age. Is it more common than you hypothesized? Why might this be the case?


    Your dissertation can cover the effectiveness of audit committees in a certain industry, such as the insurance industry. Are audit committees as effective as they can and should be? How can their effectiveness be improved?


    You can discuss the merits of black and white photography for certain types of photography, such as landscapes. Does it create a stronger atmosphere? Why would this be the case?


    You can write your dissertation about burnout in a specific subsection of nursing, such as psychiatric nursing. How common is burnout? Are there any effective ways to prevent it?


    You can write about the extent and impact of urban tourism in a specific area, such as Johannesburg in South Africa. Is urban tourism common there? How has it changed the area and the way people live in it?