A List Of Inspiring Ideas For A Dissertation On International Relations

The world has shrunk, thanks to globalization. From household stuff to cosmetics, medicines to clothes; all countries have their brands selling on different shores. To strengthen this tenet, international relations hold a pivotal position.

Handshakes and stand-offs

There are many treaties which have opened the floodgates for commerce. In the same vein, there are many deadlocks, which have stopped the flow of tradition and trade. These offer the talking point for interesting dissertation.

The Middle East

The Middle East, with its constant factions and inter-rivalry, has held a prominent position in dissertation. The Palestine-Israel war, Iran-Iraq cultural differences are just to name a few. Then there is the Saudi Arabian possibility from anytime turning from an appeasing country to a rebellious one. When you place the fact that Middle East predominate oil reserves, you put the importance of nourishing positive international relations with them. No wonder, both the USSR and USA followed their fortunes during the Cold War and continue it even now.

India with Pakistan and China

India has had a fight with China in 1962 and with Pakistan in 1965, 1971 and 1999. The interflow of trade and commerce between India and Pakistan is extremely marginal. China, meanwhile, has recently been quite open to the open market to gain expansionism. Their relations hold enough for a qualitative dissertation.

USA and Cuba

Ever since the Bay of Piggs event in 1959, Fidel Castro has been a thorn in the neck of USA. The trade between the two countries is strictly regulated and many transactions are downright banned. While one cannot stop the inflow and outflow of contraband, we feel for an eventuality of these two countries coming together. Cuba is, after all, a leading producer of sugar, some herbs, cigar and many other things. Food for thought for dissertation!

The African countries

Countries like Congo, Somalia and East Anglia have faced too many regional conflicts that the heat affects their mutual relations as well. While their economy does not exactly reflect on the global scale, they may change their fortunes if they turn a bit fraternal. Dissertation on these countries will however require enough research.

Germany and Europe

Germany has admittedly mellowed down after playing foul in both World Wars. However, it keeps throwing nuggets; a recent example being its reluctance towards quantitative easing, which was supposed to settle Euro into a formidable position. Also, the position and status of Slav countries is good business for an indulgent dissertation. The same can be said about countries which were till recently part of USSR.