Dissertation Marketing Topics: A List Of Interesting Ideas

Okay, so you are in need of some inspiration when it comes to deciding on some great marketing topics for the dissertation that you have to hand in. You want your assignment to do three things:

  • Grab the attention of your tutor
  • Excite you
  • Not be so complicated that you struggle to research and write it.

Hopefully, my tips will be of some use to you:

  • Should budget supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl pursue online sales? Or would it significantly impact upon their ability to offer such heavy discounts?
  • Examine the effectiveness of branding within the aviation industry. Pay specific attention to American Airlines.
  • Is the competitiveness between Apple and Samsung healthy for competition, or is the public displays of aggressiveness toward each other detrimental to either or both brands: discuss
  • In the wake of the recent spate of catastrophes for Malaysian Airlines. Explore whether their current strategy is effective and look at ways it might be improved.
  • Is the airbrushing of models in magazines and on billboards harmful to young women? Does it impact negatively on body image and what if anything should be done about this?
  • Examine the current “marketing” strategy for the British Royal Family. Is the P.R. machine right to focus on the young royals, such as William and Kate, or are older royals like the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh as equally important to the strategy?
  • With the American presidential elections looming in 2016, explore the differences in strategies between the Republican and Democrat camps. Is one more effective than the other?
  • Explore how election campaigns are evolving. With all sides using data profiling to extraordinary lengths, what impact if any will this have on the Presidential elections?
  • Do Customers care about ethical brand values? Companies to look at more closely are Starbucks and Amazon.
  • Are consumers stupid to fall for duplicitous discounting schemes from leading supermarkets? With whom does the buck stop: customers or store?
  • Is there a place on the high street for music stores? Or has the internet killed them off forever?
  • Do regional accents of telemarketing teams influence customer buying decisions? Should more companies be focusing on hiring local teams and building this into their strategy rather than outsourcing overseas, or to cheaper parts of the country?