How To Complete Your Academic Paper: A List Of Dissertation Topic Ideas

There is a proper way of writing academic papers, which when followed you can help you complete your paper within the scheduled time. It will turn out to be a top class piece of work.

For a basic idea, here are 5 simple tips for completing your academic paper writing:

  1. You need to manage your time intelligently. Plan up everything rather that beginning to write randomly.
  2. Ensure that the questions you are asking are right and also maintain that the way you answer them is absolutely correct too.
  3. Brainstorm all your ideas and thoughts so that you are certain of what you wish to write in your paper.
  4. Allot time for revision. This is very important
  5. Revise thoroughly without any hurry. Revise your paper until you are satisfied.

13 Dissertation Topic Ideas

Listed below are 13 dissertation topic ideas related to 13 different subject areas-

  1. Accounting Dissertation topic- An investigation of the degree to which intellectual capital is a veiled value in company financial statements with reference to some major companies.
  2. Biology Dissertation topic- The role of ion channel mutations to neuro-degeneration
  3. Communication Dissertation topic- A debate of the homogenization of language through texting.
  4. Design Dissertation topic- Interior design: An occupation facing risk of debasement by television.
  5. Film Studies Dissertation topic- Perspectives of youth regarding the 21st century Latin American cinema.
  6. Food and Nutrition Dissertation topic- Prohibition of lunchboxes in school to improve the diet and nutritional intake.
  7. Health and care Dissertation topic- The language problem: Doctors, immigration and patient care.
  8. Human Resource management Dissertation topic- An evaluation of the moral and legal margins in the context of human resource management surrounding diversity at work
  9. International Relations Dissertation topic- The case of expansion or replacement in the UN Security Council permanent members
  10. Economics Dissertation topic- An investigation of how capital inflows affect the budding market economies
  11. Theatre Studies Dissertation topic- An exploration of recreating theatre within out-of-doors historical settings
  12. Tourism Dissertation topic- Safari tourism in Africa: Marketing to the clients of China. Social Work Dissertation topic- The blow of multiple agencies working on children protection. A literature and practice-based review

These academic paper writing tips and various topic ideas are an attempt to provide you with some assistance for crafting your paper exceptionally.