Some Interesting Graphic Design Dissertation Ideas

If you are writing your dissertation in graphic design, but are in need of potential ideas, consider the list below. Remember to evaluate each potential idea and to mold it to your project. It might benefit you to do some research on at least four different topics before you start so that you can find which topic angle you want to use. You can verify too whether there exists adequate information on the topic or adequate resources on the topic before you start. The last thing you want is to start working on a topic only to hit a dead end and have to start all over:

  • Consider writing about the different types of software used in graphic design
  • Write about animation when using flash
  • Discuss different utilization and techniques for Adobe software
  • Write about the career opportunities within this field
  • Discuss different visual techniques which someone in this field can use to enhance a website
  • Consider writing about the effect that graphic design has currently had on popular culture, or the influence it has had previously on consumerism
  • Why graphic design is important in communication and business
  • How different graphics and typographies are used in different interfaces
  • How a company can brand their design with graphic designs
  • There are different key topics which might entice you as well including the following:
  • Consider writing about Design in general
  • Consider writing about Typography
  • New media
  • Web graphic design
  • Communication design
  • Desktop publishing
  • Consider writing about Environmental graphic design
  • Information design
  • Industrial design
  • Interface design
  • Consider writing about Motion design
  • Technical writing
  • Marketing communications
  • Consider writing about Information design

If those topics do not inspire you then consider something from your textbooks or something that was covered during a course lecture which you found particularly interesting. This can give you insight into a topic that you might otherwise have missed or overlooked. Look out for ideas from headings and subheadings, ideas which you wanted to previously learn more about but never had the chance to or ideas which you did learn more about, but you really enjoyed and would love to pursue on a deeper academic level. All of these things can make for the best potential ideas for your next paper and you should never rule anything out until you have conducted preliminary research on the topics and sought approval from your professor on the idea.