A List Of Unexplored Dissertation Topics For Business Students

Dissertation topics for business students explore a number of concepts within the business world. In this case, finding topic ideas that have yet to be explored may be a little tricky. You have to do your research regarding what has been written and what you want to do. Consider ideas you think may be different from what others have done in the past with dissertation projects. Here is a list of possible ideas for dissertation topics business students may find useful when creating their own.

  1. How does leadership in a company effect innovation and creativity?
  2. How does the behavior of leadership affect how others work throughout the company?
  3. How does technology play a role in helping businesses develop strategies?
  4. What elements does a business need to be successful in other parts of the world (A dissertation could look into how to expand to become a global brand)?
  5. What impact do businesses in the UK have on businesses in the US or throughout Europe?
  6. What conflicts do global businesses deal with in relation to hiring or expanding their brand in other countries?
  7. Compare differences of two companies in the same industry that offers the same type of product (computers, soda pop, clothing, etc.). A dissertation can look into how are they able to establish a large market shared by their competitors?
  8. What are most important components of the electronics manufacturing industry?
  9. What are important aspects to having quality customer service? What elements do businesses invest in to ensure their customers are satisfied with products and services?
  10. Is there an advantage to being an entrepreneur with an English-education background versus a Chinese-educated background?
  11. What are things companies should do to help their employees adjust to changes within their organization?
  12. Does a culture or society the business is based in have an influence on its leadership style or how their employees conduct tasks?
  13. What happens when a business goes through changes that were unexpected financially? A dissertation can explore how the company didn’t meet financial expectations or they need to make changes to their budget to meet expectations of their market.
  14. How is a call center established? A dissertation can review what elements make international call centers ensure they meet standards necessary for customer service?
  15. What industry has the most difficult time retaining employees and what is being done about it?