What Is The Average Length Of A Doctoral Dissertation?

When it comes to writing your doctoral dissertation the content is much more important than the length. With that stated, most of the time there will be specific criteria about how long your dissertation must be. The length may vary depending on your academic discipline and the expectations of your faculty. However, if you are curious about the actual amount of pages you must include here are some general guidelines.

  • Most Doctoral Dissertations will be over 100 pages long
  • Your Dissertation length will also depend on font size, and spacing
  • The average amount of pages in a doctoral dissertation is 214
  • Quotes, sources cited, and appendixes are included in the length

How To Write A Long Doctoral Dissertation

There is clearly no denying the fact that doctoral dissertations can be quite lengthy. For many students the very idea of composing such a long form composition can be immensely intimidating. In order to assure your success when writing a doctoral dissertation follows these steps.

  1. Break it up into manageable pieces
  2. Once you begin the writing process break the project up into manageable sections. You won’t be able to write such a long paper over night. Instead work towards goals and create a schedule to help you get through your project.

  3. Work from an outline
  4. An outline is the #1 way to make the writing process easier. Create a detailed outline for your doctoral dissertation that you can use to organize your paper before you attempt to write it.

  5. Include plenty of detail and write descriptively
  6. Being extremely detail oriented in your explanations and including many descriptions is one way to reach your target word count/page count. Make sure that you clearly expand on your ideas and provide plenty of examples and evidence points to support your main points.

  7. Read an example
  8. If you get stuck during the writing process take a break and read some examples. Reading other successful dissertations will help to give you a better sense of what you are trying to accomplish. It may also provide you with inspiration to continue writing your own.

A dissertation is not a simple undertaking. Due to the fact that dissertations are so long and expansive they can many months to write. The secret to success is to not get discouraged. Make sure that you work from an outline, set goals, include plenty of detail, and look for inspiration when you are stuck!