How To Compose A Good Dissertation Prospectus: 8 Great Suggestions

Dissertation prospectus

The dissertation prospectus is a brief document that provides preliminary information about your research. It is not an abstract of the research paper or introductory chapter of the research paper. The major goal of this prospectus is to create a plan for developing the proposal of your research paper. Hence prospectus should have more information than dissertation premises. Feasibility is one of the qualities, a good prospectus should have.

Outline for prospectus

The document should start with the title and problem statement and the significance. After this, you should include the list of scholarship and findings that support main assertions in the problem in a statement and framework. The list of the research questions and the nature of the study should be included in the document. List of possible types and sources of information, possible analytical strategies, other information and references should also be included in the document.

Suggestions to compose to compose a good dissertation prospectus

Here are a few suggestions which can assure overall quality of the dissertation project. These are qualities a supervisory team will look in the document.

  • The document should contain all necessary information. It should not note incomplete at any case.
  • You have to prove the relevance of the topic in this document. The addressing problem should be meaningful. Replicating previous research papers is not acceptable.
  • The statistics evidences, and scholarly information in the document should be justified. The evidence provided should be significant to the professional field.
  • The problem framed in the document should enable the researcher to either build on counter previous findings in the paper. The new findings should have implications for the previous findings.
  • You have to prove in your document that your project has potential to make an original contribution.
  • The next thing which must be in the document is assurance from the side of the writer on his topic’s potential to affect positive change. The anticipated findings should have some significance.
  • The details given in the document should be well aligned. The nature of the study should align with the problem, research questions and approaches to inquiry.
  • Always remember to approach the topic in an objective manner in this document. The problem in the document should not be biased and never present a foregone conclusion. Even if you have a strong opinion on the expected findings, you should not write those conclusions in this document.